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Landing Page Optimization

In today’s world, outbound marketing is considered as less effective for promoting the website. To attract the people across the world, business or e-commerce websites are looking forward for inbound marketing techniques. Therein, landing page optimization is gaining popularity among other inbound techniques.

Landing page is any page on a website, where traffic is sent specifically to promote certain action or result from an outside source such as a Pay per Click ad or SEO. Large website covers products on many topics and a single home page cannot be promoted for every topic. Therefore, need for landing page optimization is considered important for large websites.

Landing pages can be optimized with various traffic sources:

1. Traffic to landing page can be sent from a pay per click (PPC) search marketing campaign to multiple landing pages that are optimized to correspond with the keywords the researcher used.

2. Traffic from a banner ad or sponsorship graphic to a landing page is specifically designed to address the target audience.

3. Traffic from an email link to landing page is designed to prompt a purchase or other required action.

4. A link from a blog post or sidebar to a landing page pre-sells affiliate products or other required action.

While using the PPC advertising campaigns, it is recommended that the home page should never be used as the landing page of PPC ads.